3D Countour ModelComputer Graphic Capability

Jacobsen Hardy offers each of its clients a variety of computer-generated graphic techniques for the purpose of communicating design ideas - to clients, contractors and agronomic personnel -prior to actual construction.

3D Modeling

Three-dimensional modeling is a tool that has gained popularity among savvy developers of new courses. With the use of cutting-edge modeling technology, we are able to communicate our designs in a detailed manner, highlighting the proposed contouring and landscape elements proposed for each hole. All three dimensional models are created once the grading plan is complete. This an excellent tool the client's sales and marketing team, for the purpose of reaching out to development investors and media.

Computer Imaging

Computer imaging has become a popular service among our recent renovation clientele. With the use of photo enhancement technology, we are able to communicate our design ideas through the generation of "Before/After" imagery. Ultimately, this process allows our clients to clearly visualize our design intent, and provides a wonderful sales tool when interacting with membership committees or investors. 

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