Wedgewood Final Shaping
Wedgewood - Grassed

The growing popularity of golf in recent years has placed a great burden on older golf courses. The recent new course development boom has left many established layouts facing extremely competitive market situations. As a result, course owners and leaders are searching for new ways to improve the quality and secure the future of their facilities. For many, most of those answers can be realized through renovation.

Jacobsen Hardy works closely with owners, clubs, and municipalities alike to develop the correct approach for each renovation project with thoughtful master planning services. Our master plans look at the entire facility in detail to determine a true scope of work and budget for the desired improvements. Jacobsen Hardy is experienced in presenting master plans ideas to committees, memberships, and public interest groups for the purpose of garnering approvals. Once a master plan has been approved Jacobsen Hardy can quickly produce the construction documents necessary for bidding and constructing the approved renovation work.

Benefits of Renovation
  • Increase Staying Power with Competition
  • Improve Turf Conditions
  • Limit Down-Time with Drainage Improvements
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Speed of Play
  • Create New & Dramatic Course Features
  • Improve Course Strategy and Playability
  • Improve On-Course Safety
  • Draw New Players and Members 

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